Yerlan Karin highlighted key messages in the President’s address

Фото: Akorda 29.03.2023 15:05 239

The State Counsellor of the Republic of Kazakhstan drew attention to the key messages in the speech of the Head of State at the opening of the first session of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan of the VIII convocation, El.kz reports.

In today's address of the President, the following key messages can be highlighted:


  1. Political reforms will continue, and the political system will be further improved.
  2. Kazakhstan is the only country in the geopolitical environment that is carrying out such deep reforms that set a new development trend.
  3. The Head of State in his speech for the first time mentioned not only the Amanat party, but also all other parliamentary parties, thereby confirming his status as a "supra-party political arbiter".
  4. The main attention of the state is focused on the solution of urgent economic problems.
  5. Now the focus of the state's economic policy is the development of small and medium-sized businesses.
  6. The President emphasized the social orientation of his course, outlining the measures of state support for virtually all major social strata.
  7. The President proposed to revise approaches to strategic planning for the long term, taking into account global trends.

The main thing is that in achieving the key goal - improving the well-being of citizens and the formation of a new quality of the nation - the President relies on the ideologies formulated by him earlier: the rule of law, the unity of the people, social justice and internal political stability.

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