"Games of the Future" postponed in Kazakhstan

"Games of the Future" postponed in Kazakhstan
Фото: El.kz/Yerbol BEKBOLAT/Midjourney 26.04.2024 13:55 2938

The Ministry of Tourism and Sports of Kazakhstan has announced the postponement of the Games of Future to 2026. Initially, it was planned that they would take place in 2025, El.kz reports.

The reason for the postponement was the economic measures taken by the government in connection with the consequences of the recent floods. The Head  of State instructed to reduce spending on major events in order to direct funds for restoration and assistance to the victims.

Optimization of costs for the Fifth World Nomad Games will also be carried out. The decision to postpone the Games of Future was made as part of these measures. Recall that the previous Games were held in 2024 in Kazan, where competitions were held in 21 innovative phygital disciplines that combine elements of digital and classic sports. At that time, 48 athletes from Kazakhstan took part in 13 disciplines.

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