We are building country with equal opportunities - Tokayev

We are building country with equal opportunities - Tokayev
Фото: Aqorda 25.04.2024 13:20 3274

As the Head of State noted, speaking at the meeting of the XXXIII session of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan "Unity. Creation. Progress", despite the emerging complex challenges and threats, the state must firmly implement its strategic goals and guidelines, El.kz reports.

In a short period of time, we have come a long way in systemic political reforms, embarked on difficult work to modernize the economy and update public ethics. Political reforms have already given a strong impetus to the development of civil society and significantly expanded the opportunities for citizens to participate in state decision-making. All branches of power have started working in a new system of coordinates, in the center of which is the protection and promotion of legitimate interests, human rights and freedoms, the President emphasized.

The country has begun the transition to a new economic model that is based on the principles of justice, inclusivity, pragmatism and lays a solid foundation for improving the well-being of all people.

We are building a country of equal opportunities, in which everyone will have a decent standard of living," Kassym-Jomart Tokayev emphasized.

We must continue to implement reforms in a high-quality manner. In order to make a breakthrough in development, it is necessary to solve many problems that have been accumulating for decades.

As the President noted, only through joint efforts we will be able to lay a reliable foundation for future achievements, make changes in politics, economy, culture, and society. 

That is why the agenda of the current session of the Assembly is designated as "Unity. Creation. Progress".

These three words reflect not only the purpose of the APK, but also the essence of our strategic course. Our main mission is to create, build, create, the Head of State said.

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