Kazakh PM holds meeting of Republican headquarters on flood control coordination and consequences elimination of flooding period

Kazakh PM holds meeting of Republican headquarters on flood control coordination and consequences elimination of flooding period
Фото: primeminister.kz 01.04.2024 09:21 3184

The main task of the Headquarters is to coordinate activities to carry out flood control measures and ensure the safety of citizens,El.kz cites primeminister.kz.

The Head of the Headquarters is Prime Minister Olzhas Bektenov, Deputy Prime Minister Kanat Bozumbayev was appointed Deputy Head of the Headquarters. The Headquarters included the leadership of the Presidential Administration, heads of central and local executive bodies.

At the meeting the ministers and regional akims were heard on the issues of fulfilment of the instructions of the Head of State and measures to intensify flood control measures.

A total of 11,306 people have been evacuated from the emergency zones. A total of 5,456 people are in temporary accommodation centres. Restoration works of 40 washed-out motorways, bridges and 39 roadbeds are under control. Communication is maintained with the settlements left without transport communication, akimats have created necessary stocks of food and medicines. Assistance to the population in the emergency zones is provided round the clock, including by aircraft. More than 7 thousand people, more than 2 thousand units of equipment, including water pumping means, swimming and aircraft are involved in the work. 

Filling of reservoirs and rivers is being monitored. At the moment Aktobe, Sazda, Aschisu, Zhartas reservoirs operate in transit mode, active water release is carried out. Kargala reservoir is in accumulation mode. Akimats are taking preventive measures in the regions where there is a risk of aggravation of flood situation. If necessary, additional transfer of forces and means will be carried out.

Funds from the reserves of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and local executive bodies will be allocated for reconstruction work and construction of dwellings destroyed as a result of the emergency. The list of affected citizens, whose housing is recognised as emergency, will be formed by local akimats.

"The Head of State gave an unsatisfactory assessment of the work on the implementation of flood control measures. It is necessary to begin now to assess the amount of damage caused by the disaster and immediately begin to provide material assistance to the affected people, as well as to develop comprehensive measures to prevent similar large-scale floods in the future. Each region should have a clear action plan," Chairman of the Headquarters Olzhas Bektenov emphasised.


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