Olzhas Bektenov inspects bank reinforcement of Atyrau's residential areas in anticipation of second flood peak

Olzhas Bektenov inspects bank reinforcement of Atyrau's residential areas in anticipation of second flood peak
Фото: primeminister.kz 24.04.2024 18:16 3109

Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Olzhas Bektenov within the framework of fulfilment of instructions of the Head of State Kassym-Jomart Tokayev checked the progress of measures taken to reduce the risk of flooding in Atyrau region, El.kz cites primeminister.kz.

In the regional centre Olzhas Bektenov assessed the readiness of Atyrau city for the predicted second wave of floods during the inspection of fortifications of residential areas. In the west, the situation remains difficult due to the release of water from the Iriklinskoe reservoir of the Russian Federation, as well as due to high flood discharges of large lateral tributaries to the river Zhaiyk and the corresponding rise in water levels. 

As previously reported, after the peak of floods in the West Kazakhstan region flood flow moves along the river channel towards Atyrau region, flowing into the Caspian Sea. Over the past day due to the inflow of water from the West Kazakhstan region in the city of Atyrau recorded a rise in level by 6 cm (total rise first floods 227 cm)

On site inspected the pace of work on bank reinforcement of residential areas, as well as dredging of the river Zhaiyk to increase the carrying capacity. The readiness of forces for enhanced work during the peak period has been checked. 

Head of the Government Olzhas Bektenov instructed to increase the forces to promptly ensure the transfer of military personnel and equipment to Atyrau region from regions where the flood situation has stabilised.

As of today, 92% of anti-flood preventive measures have been completed. The city has been divided into 111 sectors for effective work. 482 kilometres of protective levees have been constructed. The completed sections have been inspected by technical supervision.  About 6 thousand servicemen of the Ministry for Emergency Situations, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Defence, the National Guard, employees of the Akimat, and about 2 thousand units of equipment are involved in the work. Active assistance is provided by volunteers. Last Saturday, about 9 thousand volunteers took part in the work to protect the city within the framework of the subbotnik on bank reinforcement.

In addition, dredging works are being carried out to increase the capacity of water from the Zhaiyk River to the Caspian Sea. Special technical fleet vessels and hydraulic excavators are used to clean, deepen and widen waterways. 

At the same time, flood control works are being carried out on irrigation and watering systems. In Atyrau region, 14 out of 15 canals are located along the Zhaiyk River. In four systems (Sokolok, Naryn, Chernaya Rechka, Baksai) there is a possibility to pass flood waters by gravity. In this regard, gravity canals are being cleaned and canal breaches are being made to utilise the terrain for water diversion. For example, NCOC is excavating an additional 24 km long Sokolok bypass canal and dismantling existing structures. In total, these bypass canals have the capacity to discharge flood water at a flow rate of 139.9 m3/sec. At all head water intakes by the staff of pumping stations is carried out round-the-clock duty.

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