Kazakh PM Olzhas Bektenov: over 3,000 people involved in flood control measures in North Kazakhstan region

Kazakh PM Olzhas Bektenov: over 3,000 people involved in flood control measures in North Kazakhstan region
Фото: primeminister.kz 09.04.2024 18:05 3253

Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Olzhas Bektenov inspected work on strengthening dams in Petropavlovsk, designed to protect the city and neighbouring settlements from floods in case of overflow of the Yesil River, El.kz citesprimeminister.kz.

In the villages of Teplichnoye and Kozhevennoye Head of the Government inspected the condition of protective embankments and heard a report on the work carried out after the floods of 2017. Currently, work is being carried out to strengthen the existing dams and increase their length and height, taking into account the increased water level in the Sergeevskoye reservoir. A total of 6 roadway openings were carried out on motorways to allow melt water to pass through. Alternative passage was provided, signs were put up and duty was organised. Since the beginning of the flood period 440 thousand m3 of water has been pumped out from the streets and backyards of settlements. More than 165 km of aryks have been cleaned, 2.7 km of canals have been widened and deepened.

On the spot Olzhas Bektenov also answered the questions of residents about the works and support measures for flood victims, thanked volunteers and experts for their assistance and support. Head of the Government noted that taking into account the additionally attracted forces and equipment it is necessary to accelerate the pace of work to strengthen the dams, including increasing the height.

"Personnel and the National Guard are involved. The regiment will also be reinforced. The Ministry of Defence is connected, so there should be enough forces. Now we need to mobilise. The upcoming 2-3 days we need to work very tightly to prevent serious destruction. It is important not to hurt people," Olzhas Bektenov emphasised.

At the moment, 1432 employees of the Akimat, Department of Internal Affairs, units of the National Guard and private organisations, 1200 volunteers are involved in flood control measures. On behalf of the Prime Minister today arrived 300 servicemen of the Ministry of Defence. Thus, about 3000 people are involved in total.

The flood situation in North Kazakhstan region is under special control. First Deputy Prime Minister Roman Sklyar is working on site. Operational headquarters are functioning in round-the-clock mode.


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