Gold recovery plant launched in Ulytau region

Gold recovery plant launched in Ulytau region
Фото: press service of "BASS Gold" LLP. 12.04.2024 19:03 3532

The gold recovery plant was launched at the Ushshoky deposit, El.kz reports with reference to the press service of "BASS Gold" LLP.

The launch of a new gold recovery plant at the Ushshoky deposit in the Ulytau region was carried out by BASS Gold LLP. The plant is a complete cycle of processing ore, which is mined at the deposit, and as a result, products in the form of Dore alloy are produced.

Reaching full production capacity, the plant will process 72,000 tons of ore per year with a monthly production of 20.8 kg of finished products or about 250 kg of gold per year.

"Our factory will create jobs for specialists from the regions of Ulytau and Karaganda. In addition, we will replenish the gold reserves of the Republic of Kazakhstan," said Yermek Ilyasov, Deputy General Director of BASS Gold LLP.

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