We focused on well-coordinated and effective work - Kazakh PM

Фото: Akorda 30.03.2023 14:58 238

The Prime Minister expressed sincere gratitude for the confidence vested noting that it is a great responsibility for him. He prioritized socioeconomic issues, tasks for further development, and raising people’s welfare and living standards defined by the Head of State.

“First of all, we develop the election program of the Head of State and AMANAT Party’s program. At the same time, constructive proposals of other parties and deputies, the business community, and citizens will also be taken into consideration. In the medium term we should increase the country’s economic growth up to 5% and reduce inflation rates in half by the year-end,” the Prime Minister told the plenary session.

He also stressed entrepreneurship and business climate improvements support measures as one of the key directions.

In his words, comprehensive measures to support entrepreneurship and improve the business climate, address pressing business issues, ensure employment and increase real incomes of our citizens are among the main areas of the Government's work.

“Priorities in the development of the economy will be its diversification, providing the domestic market with domestic goods and increasing the production of non-primary goods with high added value.

Measures will be taken to attract more investment in the country's economy, primarily in the manufacturing industry.

Comprehensive work will be carried out to develop agriculture and ensure food security”, Alikhan Smailov said.

Kazakh PM also emphasised the  development of the energy sector and the modernization of communal infrastructure.

As he notes , the particular attention will also be paid to ensuring the domestic market of fuels and lubricants.

“In the fields of education and healthcare, the key areas of our work will be to improve the efficiency and quality of services, as well as further digitalization and the introduction of a single state digital platform”, Prime Minister noted.

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