Social Service Center opened in Kentau

akimat of Turkestan region
Фото: akimat of Turkestan region 24.03.2023 15:38 238

Akim of Kentau Zhandos Tasov congratulated the participants of the opening ceremony of the facility and told about the activities of the center, El.kz reports with reference to the press service of the akimat of the Turkestan region.

"Caring for veterans and pensioners, improving the quality of life of the elderly, involving them in the active life of society is one of the priority areas of state policy," the akim said.

The purpose of the social service center is to create favorable conditions for a healthy lifestyle and health of people with disabilities of retirement age, to provide socio-medical, socio-pedagogical, socio-psychological, social assistance, to organize useful leisure for the elderly.

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