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18.06.2019 1206

Session of deputy group of APK with participation of Deputy Head of Assembly of People of Kazakhstan - Head of APK’s Secretariat Zhanseit Tuimebayev held in Mazhilis of Parliament.

During the meeting, Zh. Tuimebayev noted that deputies from the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan carry out great and significant work to strengthen public accord and national unity.


"This is not only a legislative, but also a great social and political activity. The deputy group became in practice the mechanism of inter-party cooperation on the issue of unity.


Extraordinary presidential elections have recently taken place in Kazakhstan, which are very important for the country's future development. In general, the work of the Assembly contributed to the involvement in the electoral process of broad masses of the country's population, stimulated the electoral activity of representatives of all ethnic minorities of Kazakhstan," Deputy Head of APK said.


In his speech, Head of APK’s Secretariat highlighted a number of areas related to the topic of public consent and unity.

"The first step will be the establishment of National Council of Public Trust, the first meeting of which will be held in August this year. Secondly, we need to develop the social vector of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan. We also intend to form a personnel reserve among the youth of APK for their further promotion. The Assembly will place a special emphasis on the implementation of the road map for the development of the youth movement of APK "Zhangyru Zholy".


We will involve young people in all activities and projects of the Assembly and continue to promote the success stories of one hundred new faces of Kazakhstan" a speaker said.

Zhanseit Tuimebayev told that volunteer networks will be developed in every region and at every House of Friendship, which should become a center of volunteerism.


In conclusion, the Deputy Chairman of APK stressed that the present deputies do a lot in the promotion of intercultural interaction, including at the legislative level, and recalled the importance of promoting all tasks through all available channels of communication.

   Dana Tugambekova

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