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Youth of the capital organized flashmob in honor of Political Repression Victims

31.05.2019 840
Today in Kazakhstan is Remembrance Day of Victims of Political Repression and Famine.


In memory of the tragic event that resulted in the death of millions of people in our country are held various events. 


The representatives of the city headquarters of the republican youth movement "Zhangyru Zholy" at the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan who gathered at the monument "Qazaq eline myn algys" with the purpose of holding the flashmob "Watch of memory" dedicated to the Remembrance Day of Victims of Political Repressions and Famine were not left aside. 



The event was attended by Deputy Chairman of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan Yussup Keligov and Sherzod Pulatov, guests of the International Forum "Memory for the Future" from all regions of the country.


The action was also supported by pupils of the military-patriotic school "Zhas ulan".


The place of carrying out has been chosen not casually as the monument "Qazaq eline myn algys" personifies the tragic destiny of forcibly deported ethnic minorities in our country.


The participants of the flashmob honoured the victims of political repressions with a minute of silence and laid flowers at the foot of the monument.  



Also representatives of APK have tied white ribbons on a tree of desire that in Kazakhstan always reigned the peace and the consent.



During the event, the Deputy Chairman of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan Yusup Keligov noted that Kazakhstan became the second homeland for all ethnic groups that were deported to the Kazakh land. 


"Today I remember the stories of my parents about the difficult times of deportation, about the difficult conditions in which people were. Thanks to the compassion and hospitality of the Kazakh people, all the resettlers managed to survive as ethnos and found a second home. 


Today we have gathered to pay tribute to the victims of those tragic events. It is not coincidence that organizers of the given action are young activists of Assembly of People of Kazakhstan as our problem to explain to young generation the sources and the reasons of tragedy which was experienced by our people.


All Kazakh people, all ethnic minorities today proudly carry the flag of unity under the flag of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan. We have to protect our unity" Yusup Keligov said.



According to Timur Jumurbayev, Deputy Chairman of the Republican Youth Movement "Zhangyru Zholy", the youth of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan pay tribute in the form of a flash mob to those people who were illegally convicted and unfairly punished. 


"Many ethnicities were named enemies of the people and deported to the Kazakh land, and here in Kazakhstan they found a new home, a second Motherland. Today we remember that feat of the Kazakh people when they shared their shanyrak and dastarkhan with all people who were deported to our land" representative of the youth organization noted.



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