Repatriates Assembly


13.05.2019 2819

The celebration of the 74th year of the Great Victory was marked with a procession from "Qazaq Eli" square to "Otan Korgaushylar" memorial (monument to the defenders of the Fatherland) in the capital.



Not only the older generation, but also young people took an active part in the march "Жаужүрек Regiment - Immortal Regiment".

Grandsons and great-grandchildren are already carrying portraits of their grandfathers who bravely fought for light today.

The march of grateful descendants "Zhauzhurek Regiment - Immortal Regiment" is held for the fifth year already, and the number of participants this year was about 20 thousand people.

"Immortal Regiment" proudly walks along Tauelsizdik Avenue.

Despite the hot weather, fifteen columns unanimously walked from the monument "Qazaq Eli" along Tauelsizdik Avenue with photos of their relatives, who participated in the Second World War, with flowers and balloons.


Nobody is forgotten, nothing is forgotten.

Victory Day is a holiday that brings together and unites generations.

The traditional march ended with a flower-laying ceremony at Otan Korgashylar Memorial.

Children of independent Kazakhstan know and thank their grandfathers for the Great Victory.


Children and youth are the future of Kazakhstan, they know and respect the past.

The grateful descendants keep and pass on the memory of the exploits of fathers and grandfathers to the younger generation.

In continuation of the event there was organized a concert program in the park "Studenchesky", where there were army tents, festive tables set for veterans and home front workers.

The ceremony of laying flowers at the monument "Otan Korgashylar".


Eternal memory, our Heroes. We remember the past and build a bright future.

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