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24.12.2018 603

A consortium of domestic manufacturers "Zhasampaz", established in 2016, brings more than 50 companies together and has set itself the task to produce quality and competitive products, which could oust foreign products and brands on the Kazakhstan market.

One of the companies in the consortium is "Production Innovative Company "Astana Yutaria ltd" LLP, which operates in the field of light industry and sewing equipment production.

Initially, the main focus of the consortium was production of sewing machines of the company "Zoje". In the course of work, the sewing production was delivered.

More than 400 employees work at the factory. The main direction is not only the state order and tailoring of overalls, but also production for the civilian population.

For example, at the request of the organizers of the international exhibition "EXPO-2017" the company has developed and sewed clothes for all employees of the service sector of "NC "Astana EXPO-2017" JSC. Along with this, the Consortium's enterprises are suppliers of clothing for the needs of the Kazakh army.

Raw materials are supplied by Kazakh companies, and imported fabric is also used.

"Utaria" works with such companies as "Kazakhmys", "Kazakhaltyn". Factory in Zhezkazgan is part of the group of companies "Utaria". Clothes for subsoil users are also presented. Not only clothing, but also office form is sewn for "Kazakhmys" company. Over time, it is planned to cover the oil sector. Currently, work is underway in the part of the mining complex.

All samples of products are on the photos that have sewn in serial production by our Kazakhstani company

The company has knitwear related here on Japanese equipment (established active cooperation with the international school of Astana). These are jackets, suits, home textiles, bedding sets. A joint project was implemented with the mayor's office of Astana, when the newborns were given a knitted set.

Overalls with nonflammable impregnation

The factory presents the range of shoes produced in Kazakhstan. The consortium includes a company that is engaged in the manufacture of shoes.

Shoes of Kazakhstan production

When it is necessary to develop a new model of the product, the tailoring of the product sample is carried out in the experimental shop. The company also introduced in "Stilon" automated accounting system. This automation is implemented three years ago, respectively, the development of any seamstress, raw material consumption, the whole process of using the accessories is automatic. "Stilon" allows you to optimize costs, to find out what are the gaps in the production links.

A member of the Consortium "Kazakhstan fabric manufacture" LLP has established the production of such types of knitted fabrics as kulirka, interlock and ribana. The whole technological process is carried out at the enterprise: from binding to full finishing and dyeing.

Now the sewing pattern making process is automated as much as possible and the production is arranged so that as less leftovers remain after the pattern.

Через искусственный интеллект определяется вышивка. Используется новое, современное оборудование

Embroidery is made through artificial intelligence. New and modern equipment is used.

The uniqueness of the equipment is that you can sew whole finished parts without cutting

The knitting shop is equipped with the latest Japanese equipment with artificial intelligence. After receiving the yarn, the finished product is made from it. Variety of weave is sewn on the Japanese equipment Shima Seiki, because the features of this machine are endless.

There is a training center at factory where employees are sent from the population employment centre.

"You saw a real modern Kazakh factory. Many people come to us from other countries, in particular, we had a delegation from Italy. They were in awe of our factory, because even in Italy there are no production departments everywhere," Chairman of the Executive Board of the Consortium “Zhasampaz” Gulmira Uakhitova said.

As the head of the Executive Council noted, it is necessary to develop the light industry of Kazakhstan, so that our brands can be presented in the domestic market.

At the end of the tour, she noted that the consortium is not resting on its laurels and is moving forward, as the companies have united to produce a single aggregate product to the market. This is a kind of example of the unity of diversity in the entrepreneurial activity of Kazakhstan. As the guide added, the meaning of such cooperation is to use domestic raw materials.

Field excursion to the factory of "Astana Utaria ltd" LLP was organized by Entrepreneurs’ Association of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan in the framework of the Forum for discussion of community initiatives in the implementation of the President's instructions.

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