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‘Peaks of Asia’ International Exhibition Held in Friendship House

05.08.2019 2766

 Nur-Sultan - Eurasian Creative Guild (London) held the International Exhibition "Peaks of Asia" in the Friendship House in the capital with the support of Assembly of People of Kazakhstan.

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"Peaks of Asia" is a joint project of artists Nazira Zhenishbekova-Barrionuevo (Paris), Guli Bost (London) and Smakova Bibigul (Almaty).

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The main goal of the project is to get acquainted with the works of artist members of Eurasian Creative Guild and support young talents.


This exhibition is a creative report of the artists on their trip to Kyrgyzstan, to the South coast of Issyk-Kul: Marua Baitursynova, Asiya Bekisheva, Gulnar Tabanova, Adela Serialieva, Nuryma Kinazbekova, Bibigul Smakova, Gulseim Tokbaeva, Alfia Mukhamedyanova.


The exhibition also presents the works of the youngest artist Aibike Kubanychbekova, who turned 9 years old.

The visitors could see the paintings, painted from nature, having great emotionality, warmth, sincerity, conveying close communication with nature, a lively impression.


Locals of Nur-Sultan and guests of the capital were given the opportunity to see the beauty of the Zailiyskiy Alatau, waterfalls "Manas Bowl", "Champagne Spatter" and "Tears of a Leopard", mountain gorges of Barskoon, Jety Oguz, sacred places of Mynzhyly Ata and beautiful places not touched by the civilization, the eyes of artists - indifferent eyewitnesses of the world around.

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According to one of the organizers, Bibigul Smakova, the idea to hold the exhibition appeared after a joint trip to the plein air in Issyk-Kul.


"When we arrived from the plein air, we painted all the beauty of the southern coast of Kyrgyzstan in our paintings. The works in the form of painting, graphics and felt are presented here.


We have a painter Marua Baitursynova, who started drawing at the age of 60. She learned how to embroider pictures with ribbons via the Internet. Today she has a work on which she depicted her mother Kymbat, who was born after the 30s, she has 13 children, more than 100 grandchildren. So Marua embodied her mother’s image in this picture of several techniques, it's felt, tape, painting. Her mother is also preparing for a personal exhibition. So her daughter dedicated this picture to her.


We have artists from Kostanay, Gulserim Tokbayeva, a talented watercolorist from Ust-Kamenogorsk Alfiya Mukhamedyanova, Asiya Bekisheva, an artist from the capital. Having professional education, we had a break in creativity due to different circumstances. After a break in 25-30 years we have decided to unite and create such group. And I think it turned out to be great," says exhibition curator.


Also 9-year-old artist Aibike Kubanychbekova joined this group of artists.

"Last year we also went to the open air. A little girl joined us, she was sitting and drawing pictures. When we got there, she showed us her works and said that during this time she was drawing paintings and asked us to join our team. A child who had been dreaming for a year joined us at the European Creative Guild” said the artist.


The co-author of the project also shared that in autumn they are planning a trip to Uzbekistan and to hold a two-day exhibition in Paris, in the Kazakhstan Embassy.

Dana Tugambekova

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