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Our Independence is Our Wealth

16.12.2019 439

Congratulations on Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Saidikram Niyazkhojayev, Ambassador of Uzbekistan to Kazakhstan

I would like to wish the people of Kazakhstan great success, prosperity, development and all the best on the eve of Independence Day!

Yuri Timoschenko, Deputy, Assembly of People of Kazakhstan

This is the most important public holiday in the country! congratulate all the people of Kazakhstan and wish everyone health,

to achieve more success both in the economy and politics.

We are a friendly and big family!

Rustam Abdussalamov, Head of Republican Association of Uigurs

I congratulate all Kazakhstanis on the main holiday in our country. Our independence is our wealth. Happy Independence Day!

Timur Jumurbayev, Chairman of Zharasym Republican Youth Organization

I congratulate all Kazakhstanis on the upcoming Independence Day. During this period of our independence and sovereignty, we have been able to preserve peace and harmony, unity and this is a great achievement of Kazakhstan.

Thanks to this, we are positioning ourselves throughout the world, in Central Asia, as a centre of peace, stability, harmony and security. Today, the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan awarded the most active members of APK, among them there are a large number of representatives of Zhangyru Zholy youth movement, and I believe it is a great deal of trust and respect for young people. We will try to justify the high honour we have been trusted and will continue our efforts for the benefit of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan.