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11.07.2019 3256

Within the framework of the nationwide project of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan "Big Country - Big Family", a traditional charitable action "The World Is Kinder With You" took place in "Center of Social Service "Sharapat" MPI of Mayor’s Office in Nur-Sultan, organized by the capital APK.

During the action, creative teams of ethno-cultural associations of Nur-Sultan performed, and a table with national dishes was set up.


It is necessary to note that some guests of the Center worked in creative collectives, and each year with impatience wait for this holiday.

According to Nur-Sultan, Lyazzat Kusainova, Head of APK’s Secretariat in Nur-Sultan, the action has become an annual traditional event in order to support socially vulnerable groups of the population, to show attention and care, to remind the guests of the center of their roots, native culture, to treat them with dishes of national cuisines.

"Charity is not necessarily a financial aid, it is manifested in a variety of ways. It is also training of unemployed women in traditional Kazakh craft with subsequent assistance in starting their own small business. Holding such events, the Assembly emphasizes its unity with the entire people of Kazakhstan" Head of APK’s Secretariat in Nur-Sultan said and reminded the words of Elbasy that "the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan is the entire people of Kazakhstan".


Charity is a big part of the Assembly's activities. For the first half of the year APK in Nur-Sultan held 48 events for the total amount of 16 million kzt.

According to Ardak Seitova, Deputy Director of the Sharapat Center for Social Work, 318 people live in the Center, 140 of them are people with disabilities (71 people - Group I, 69 people - Group II).

"Our institution provides 7 types of services, including occupational therapy. Many beneficiaries are pensioners and disabled people. They are engaged in needlework: sewing, knitting, making pictures. They also help with household chores: weeding flowers and other work. But we allow only those people who are not contraindicated by the health condition of work” the speaker said.


According to her, there are two war veterans among the guests, nine people - equated to them, 21 are home front workers.

"We call our guests a small assembly, as they are representatives of 11 different ethnicities and live together in our Center," Ardak Seitova explained.

In turn, the young generation was greeted by the artistic director of Vainakh Chechen-Ingush ethnic-cultural association in Nur-Sultan, Hanifa Matsieva.

"For the past six years, I have been working at Vainakh Cultural Centre, and we have been participating in this campaign every year. I would like the elderly people not to be left alone, and I would like to wish the guests of the Center to have their own homes and live with their children," Hanifa Matsiyeva said.

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