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21.02.2019 514

The round table devoted to the International Mother Language Day with participation of the vice-president of Assembly of people of Kazakhstan in Astana Dmitry Ostankovich, consul of Embassy of Belarus in RK Igor Ivanov, chairmen of ethno-cultural associations, musical collectives and youth took place in the House of friendship.

On International Mother Language Day, which has been celebrated by UNESCO since 2000, all languages are recognized as equal, as each of them uniquely meets the purpose of the person and each of them represents a living heritage.

"Our state recognizes the national languages used by citizens as a part of the cultural wealth of the country, guarantees their social, material and legal protection, ensures the realization of the rights of every citizen to freely choose the language of communication, upbringing and education," said director of "Kogamdyk kelisim" MPI at Akimat of Astana Nural Aidashev.

Today, along with Kazakh and Russian, all other national languages in Kazakhstan develop freely. There are 178 Sunday schools in Kazakhstan that teach 23 national languages. Newspapers and magazines are published, television and radio programmes are broadcast in 11 national languages, including Ukrainian, Polish, English, German, Korean, Uighur, Turkish, Dungan, Uzbek and other languages.

"Kazakhstan is a multinational state. People of more than 130 nationalities live peacefully in our country. Each of them has a unique spiritual and material culture, history, traditions and customs. All people inhabiting Kazakhstan are equal in rights, as our President N. Nazarbayev pursues such a national policy, which gives full right to develop his language and national culture," Deputy Chairman of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan in Astana Dmitry Ostankovich said.

In turn, Consul of the Embassy of Belarus in the Republic of Kazakhstan Igor Ivanov congratulated the participants of the round table on the International Mother Language Day and citing the words of famous personalities, said about the native language, called to preserve and preserve the cultural heritage.

 In the course of the round table music programs were presented, there was an opportunity to hear songs, poems and music in the native language of the people living in Kazakhstan.