Repatriates Assembly


16.01.2019 1084

The event was organized by the Orthodox Youth Club "Preobrazhenie" (“Transformation”) at local Assembly of people of Kazakhstan.

White magnificent dresses of ladies, black tuxedos of knights – atmosphere was according to the traditional Vienna ball. Guests of the holiday were moved back several centuries - in the times of noble ladies and gallant gentlemen. 

The Christmas ball gathered 50 best couples from all educational institutions of the southern region - youth clubs from Shymkent, T. Ryskulov, Aksukent, Koksayek villages and Taraz.

The organizers have set a goal - to instill great cultural heritage and high culture of communication in young people with such balls. Thanks to the desire and efforts of the participants – it took a little more than a month for the dance to be staged.

The dance program consisted of classical paired dances, such as waltz, polonaise, cotillion. A total of 10 dances were prepared by dance couples, and master classes for spectators who came to the ball became a special gift. They were shown simple movements that could be easily repeated.

"First of all, it is, of course, the waltz - the Viennese waltz, Spanish waltz, Berlin polka, gallop and others. We, the young people, show each other the beauty of a huge layer of culture, both dance and music, and they show it, and we preserve and increase it," said head of the Orthodox youth club "Preobrazhenie" at Church of Kazan Icon of the Mother of God Alexey Bondarenko.