Repatriates Assembly

I - a patriot of my country!

30.01.2018 417

This was the name of a class hour in a class of Armenian language schools language training "Shanyrak".

At a meeting with students came activists of the Armenian cultural center "Bari" Chairman Norik Maglaman. His good deeds are well known: more than 10 years is realized the project "Give good", aimed at assistance and support to children with disabilities.

The students of the Armenian class read poems about Kazakhstan in Kazakh, Russian and Armenian. The head of "Shanyrak" school Kultai Karimzhanova noted that thanks to unity and cohesion we achieved economic development, civil accord.

In the words of the Armenian language teacher of Ruzanna Degoyan there was a general idea to the crowd: "the road Ahead is still a lot of new successes and achievements for the benefit of homeland – Republic of Kazakhstan!»