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Friendship House in Karaganda

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Today, the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan is an equal nationwide institution. National unity, peace and accord are the basic conditions for the development and progress of society.


The activity of 75 ethno-cultural associations is being held in Karaganda region and today in the region there are 41 ethnolinguistic classes, where the younger generation has the opportunity to study the language and culture of their nation.

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Friendship House of Karaganda, designed for the Secretariat of the Regional Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, was opened on 21 December 2015. On first day of the opening, the XVIII Session of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan was held there.



There are offices of ethnocultural centers, youth policy departments of the region, including "Center for Youth Initiatives" MPI and Center for Youth Services. There is also a meeting room for round tables, a conference hall for 100 seats, a complex of Assembly Museum and a library.



 The building was planned not only as a House of Friendship, but also as a Creative House: in addition to a large act and conference hall, there are dance and vocal rooms, as well as workshops for creative work. In addition to the above, a museum of the Regional Assembly of People of Kazakhstan is located there.


Korean ethnocultural center


Chinese national cultural center 'Druzhba'




Uzbek ethnocultural center


Chechen-Ingush ethnocultural center ''Vainakh

Each ethno-cultural association has its own room and its own small museums. The general museum of the regional assembly reflects the history of formation of the multinational region.

There is also a resource center in the Friendship House, where local handicraftswomen are engaged in beading. It is here that classes in arts and crafts and folk art are held. Council of Mothers under the regional assembly works directly with the center - a department of Arts and Crafts under Karaganda Technical Construction College for children from children's homes and children with disabilities was opened, and the council will supervise classes with them.


Karaganda House of Friendship also has “Sheber” Training Centre. The center specializes in training artisans in various fields, including jewelry, pottery, leather, felt and souvenir making. The Center was established with the support of the Council of Mothers of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan in Karaganda region and the Regional Chamber of Entrepreneurs. The Training Center is a regional representative office of the Union of Craftsmen of Kazakhstan and the Guild of Jewelers of Kazakhstan. The first training centers came to the direction of the employment center of Karaganda. Sheber Center has a unique difference from other educational institutions. The whole process of training takes place on the basis of operating craft workshops and under the patronage of famous Kazakh masters. The number of students in the group does not exceed 8 people, which allows to approach individually to each student. After training, the students have the opportunity to become individual entrepreneurs and start their own business, or work in workshops at the training center.


Also in February of this year, "Active Longevity Center" was opened for citizens of retirement age in the framework of the Roadmap to support the older generation. The main purpose of the Center is to involve elderly people in active intellectual, creative and social life.



They are provided opportunity to take lesson in computer literacy, smartphone skills, state language and English. Together with public associations, free legal and psychological consultations and master classes will be held every week in the cabinet of folk art development. There is also a library, and in the recreation room people can play chess and checkers.


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