Repatriates Assembly


22.01.2019 760

The exposition includes 100 works. The exhibition was prepared by children from Pavlodar children's art school No. 1. It was the result of children's participation in last year's city project “Iz glubiny vekov” ("From the depths of time").

Schoolchildren recreated images of characters from folk tales, epics and legends of 18 ethnos representatives living in the region.

"A lot of preliminary work was done to create dolls, to study the culture, traditions and costumes of different ethnicities of Irtysh region. In each creative work, children conveyed their views on the images through the prism of modernity," noted Pavlodar Department of Education.

The dolls are made of various materials – colored plastic mass, wire, rope, newspapers, wool. More than a hundred works are presented at the exhibition. Among them are dolls-characters from the famous Armenian fairy tale "Anait", Kazakh fairy tale "Three Sisters", Bashkir fairy tale "Brown Cow", Bulgarian fairy tale "Silver Deer".

"Participating in the project and having contacted with the interesting information, children have studied history of ancient traditions and customs of the people living in Kazakhstan, understanding of kindness and mutual help, value of a family and friendship," a teacher of art school Svetlana Rein has told.

The exhibition works till February 1.