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Concert of Russian and Cossack song was held in Astana House of Friendship

21.01.2019 840

Christmas and Epiphany Concert was organized by Astana branch “Cossacks Union of Stepnoy krai” and “Lad” Astana branch for admirers of Russian and Cossack songs in the walls of Astana House of Friendship.

Russian and Cossack song ensemble "Razdolye", Russian song ensemble "Raduga", students of the Cossack Sunday school and Russian Sunday school took participation in the concert.

Nikolay Shepelyuk, Chairman of "Lad" Russian and Slavonic Movement in Astana, opened the concert with a congratulatory word.

“We are celebrating all our concerts – New Year, Christmas, Epiphany in the beginning of the year, which are so important for the Orthodox man, and the year begins with these events,” said chairman of "Lad".

Nikolay Shepelyuk mentioned that on January 19 there was a presentation of the Russian Song Ensemble.

This year "Lad" RSM and "Cossacks Union of Stepnoy krai" decided to organize a joint concert. The chairman of the Russian-Slavonic movement expressed hope that the joint concerts will become a good tradition and the number of participants will be increased next year.

"One of the subjects of our Russian Sunday school is folk choreography. In our performances we try to involve both Sunday school pupils and the Russian song ensemble as much as possible. One of the performances was the dance "Slavyanochka" noted N. Shepelyuk.

"The Russian Song Ensemble "Raduga" consists of an adult section and young people. Our ensemble is 1 year and 1 day. We expand the repertoire, sew the costumes, work on the second sketch of the costumes. A lot of people willing to participate in our ensemble" concluded Nikolai Shepelyuk.

Ataman of Astana branch Cossacks Union Sergey Doinikov noted that the concert was dedicated to the Orthodox holidays.

"We actively participate in all events of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan as its members. The holiday is planned for the near future on February 23 and May 9. At the end of March and the beginning of April we will hold the third festival "Igray, garmon" said S. Doinikov

Numerous spectators and listeners sang familiar songs to the groups - "Verila, verila, veryu", "U moei kumy", "Zlataya Rus’", etc. The ensemble of the Russian Cossack song "Razdolye" has always been engaged in revival of national singing traditions, it has accumulated many Cossack songs in its repertoire. Famous songs were sounded in the performance of the ensemble: "Dumala-spodumala", "Garmoshechka-govorushechka", "Pod dugoi kolokolchik poet".

The end of the concert was the vocal and choreographic composition "Yan a pechke molotilae". The audience was able to touch the true voice of the folk soul, drink from the spring of traditional culture, enjoy the cheerful dances and songs.


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