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22.05.2019 2229

A charity dinner for mothers with many children and Paralympic athletes was held in the capital city in honor of the Muslim fast.


The event was organized by the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates, "Global Women" Public Association, "Khazar" Azerbaijan Public Association of the capital and "Birlik" Branch of "Nur-Otan" Public Association.


Asel Saylaubay, deputy chairman of the Azerbaijani ethnocultural association noted that "Khazar" took part in the action within the framework of the charity month "Qamqor" of Assembly of People of Kazakhstan.


"In total, more than 150 people were invited to the iftar (evening meal during Ramadan), including 30 mothers with many children fr om municipal Assembly of People of Kazakhstan. We also invited the public association "Nasledie" - these are mothers with many children, who have low mobility children, and the public association of disabled people Center "Nezavisimaya zhizn" Dos"- informed Head of " Global Women" NGO Khanzada Baltayeva.


She emphasized that the main goal of the organizers is not just to have dinner, but to pay attention, thus supporting the youth, who, despite the limited health opportunities, glorify our country far beyond its borders, and expressed gratitude to the mothers, who raise and bring up talented children.

The Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Kazakhstan has been doing charity work for many years. The Ambassador - Dr. Mohammad Ahmad Aljaber noted about it during the event.


"Embassies of the Arab Emirates in other countries of the world also hold similar events. Our Embassy in Kazakhstan will hold charity dinners until the end of the month of Ramadan. They will also be held in mosques, wh ere prominent public figures, mothers with many children and people with disabilities will be invited" said Dr. Mohammad Ahmad Aljaber.

In turn, mothers with many children from the ethno-cultural centers of the capital's Assembly expressed their appreciation and gratitude to the organizers of this action.


"I am very pleased that we, mothers with many children, were invited to such a wonderful event despite our status, place of work and nationality, and they pay due attention to it," said Fatima Akhmedova, a member of the Uzbek Ethno-cultural Centre in Tashkent and a professional mediator.

It should be reminded that APK has developed a calendar of charitable events for 2019, aimed at supporting socially vulnerable groups of the population, systematizing charitable activities.

Every month, it will be named after a Kazakh custom or tradition, which will allow us to get to know the culture of the Kazakh people better.

Since the beginning of the year, the charitable months "Sarqyt", "Sybaga", "Shashu" and "Asar" have been held throughout the country.

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