Repatriates Assembly


29.04.2019 571

XXVII Session of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan was attended by deputies of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

More than 1500 delegates from all regions of the country and from abroad took part in the event, which was held in the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation.

Azat Peruashev, a member of the Mazhilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Chairman of the Democratic Party of Kazakhstan "Ak Zhol", commented on a major and significant event in the history not only of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, but also in the life of the country.

"For a long time I take part in sessions of Assembly of people of Kazakhstan as I am engaged in public activity. We have seen that the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan occupies an important place in the configuration of state institutions. Moreover, it is being studied and promoted at the international level. I am absolutely certain that the Assembly has played a major role in the inter-ethnic world and harmony among ethnic minorities. This is something that Kazakhstan can be proud of in the first place.

The Assembly has ensured stability and continuity of state power and lawmaking. There was a time when the Parliament was dissolved and it was the Assembly that promoted the adoption of market laws.

It is worth noting that the XXVII session of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan is held in a difficult period - the time of transit of power. The departure of the First President Nursultan Nazarbayev from power caused great expectations and anxiety," said Mazhilisman.

He added that the presidential election, which will be held on June 9, 2019, should dot all the points, and the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, as an institution of interethnic accord, should become "a guarantee of civil peace, mutual respect, tolerance, acceptance of each other as we are.

According to him, it should consolidate and ensure this continuity and consistency of state policy.

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