Repatriates Assembly


30.11.2018 528

Assembly of people of Kazakhstan congratulates on the national holiday – Kazakhstan First President’s Day!

On this day, people of Kazakhstan made a historic choice – they elected their national leader. Elbassy united all the people to achieve the main goal – to build an independent and strong state.

This holiday is of special importance for the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan. From the first days of its formation, the Assembly was headed by Nursultan Nazarbayev. Thanks to his personal participation, it became a real institution of people's representation, managed to unite all regardless of ethnic origin or faith.

Today, together we are building the most unique and promising identity of our time – a nation of strong and responsible people.

Its basis is the successful implementation of the programs of the Head of state on social, public and historical modernization of consciousness.

Comprehensive measures have been taken to improve the social situation and quality of life of the population, a spiritual triad of civic identity - pride in the past, a pragmatic assessment of the present and a positive outlook on the future!

Today, the whole nation rallied around the new tasks of the President, because they are close and understandable to everyone.

Dear fellow citizens!

First President’s Day for the people of the Great Steppe is a way of victories, a symbol and personification of effective state policy, concern for security and well-being.

The power of the Elbassy is the power of the native Kazakh land and our sincere universal people's support.

We wish peace and unity all citizens, whom the great talent and wisdom of the statesman, the true son of our people - Nursultan Nazarbayev serves.

We wish you health and success!

Council of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan