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Only a hero can do heroic deeds

02.06.2017 2673

When Salauat was going home for lunch...

A mayor, the senior officer of “Batys” Uralsk Regional Command of the National Guard of the Republic of Kazakhstan Salauat Kabdykulov was awarded the medal for “Military courage” in May of the last year. This medal was given for his bravery at peacetime.

14 May 2014. When Salauat was going home for lunch, he saw a woman crying from the balcony. The fifth floor was on fire. Even there were a lot of people watching it, no one presumed to help. The hero realizing the importance of every second said “do not be afraid, I am coming to help” and ran towards the woman on the balcony.

The entrance door was at the back of the block of flat. When he reached the fifth floor, the woman and a man ran out of the flat. They told about the retired lying unconscious in the black smoke. Salauat went into the fire immediately and at first turned off the gas. Neighbors carrying water helped him a lot.

The mayor gave this answer to our question “Do you think you have done a heroic deed?”:

- I do not know. It all happened so suddenly. I did not have time to think. For me the most important was the gratitude of the retired man who I had rescued. In my opinion, bravery is to conquer all your fear inside you, do heroic deeds and help other people who are in troubles. Not every person can do brave things. But everyone can give a hand to other people. For instance, it is our responsibility to help old people to cross the road.

Salauat Kabdykulov served at the traffic police before and now he maintains order in the National Guard of the Republic of Kazakhstan. He thinks that a military person at first has to be brave. And it is known that brave people are always ready to do brave things. Salauat is the hero of a peaceful day.