No cases reported – Giniyat on monkeypox in Kazakhstan

Patients with similar symptoms are currently being observed.
Фото: Angelp / IStockphoto 04.08.2022 220

Kazakhstan received 1,300 tests for detecting monkeypox in order to have the opportunity to examine a patient for this particular virus, El,kz reports.

"We have not even registered any case of this infection. We monitor all patients who have similar symptoms. Our scientists and infectious disease specialists are preparing a clinical protocol for the treatment of this disease,» the Minister said.

Azhar Giniyat also revealed the symptoms of the monkeypox: intoxication, enlarged lymph nodes and a rash.

« Some countries are studying an experimental antiviral drug. We are also studying it. It will be very important to us if it passes clinical trials. If the clinical trials are successful, we will include it into the monkeypox treatment protocol,» she added.

None of the monkeypox tests has been used in Kazakhstan yet, she noted.