Ambassador of EU to Kazakhstan on President's Address

The main emphasis is the human capitals which mean people, healthcare, education starting from the kindergarten to the higher education
Фото: 01.09.2022 310

The EU emphasized the supportiveness of political reforms that have launched by the President of Kazakhstan and confirmed in the Referendum, reports 

   "I think today more than ever we can emphasize the importance of political and socio economic reforms going hand in hand and reinforcing and supporting each other. After President`s Address to nation once again we are ready and welcome to support those reforms which are going in the direction of the future democratization, more transparency and more accountability. Today the emphasis was in the socio economic area" - Kestutis Jankauskas, Ambassador of the European Union to Kazakhstan said

In his words, the main emphasis is the human capitals which mean people, healthcare, education starting from the kindergarten to the higher education, importance of vocational educational training.

"We already have plenty of programs running and there could be more and once again we emphasis our readiness to continue and boost up sharing of the best experiences and making sure that these reforms will be carried out at the best way as soon as possible" - the Ambassador stressed.

Kestutis Jankauskas pointed out that now everyone talks about the early elections that President has announced. 

"It is also important that the implementation of the reforms in socio economic reforms which President announced would not be overshadowed by this political processes and elections which also will go and they should be support each other" - he said.

Ambassador of the European Union to Kazakhstan added that Kazakhstan has been and remains in demand among the EU countries as an alternative supplier of oil and gas.

" We expect that Kazakhstan will continue close cooperation in the development of renewable energy and the "green" hydrogen economy, as well as improving interconnection, including through the Middle Corridor, to the mutual benefit of Kazakhstan and the EU. The real future belongs to renewable energy sources, where Kazakhstan also has a lot to offer" -  Kestutis Jankauskas noted.

The Ambassador also gave his opinion on presence of foreign business in Kazakhstan. 

" I hope that all businesses always emphasize good investment conditions, transparency, and fairness of legislative processes in the country. And today we heard some of the proposals from the President which will be getting better conditions. So that companies will be more attracted by this" - he noted.

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