Kazakh Mazhilis Chairmain speaks about plans for next session

Фото: kazinform 30.06.2022 171

The Chairman of the Mazhilis Yerlan Koshanov at a joint meeting of the chambers of Parliament spoke about what the deputies will do after the holidays, El.kz reports.

"During the National Kurultai, the President noted that it is not necessary to delay the reforms. Our people want real change to happen now. The Head of State instructed to adopt the basic laws by the end of the year. Therefore, we, the deputies, need to start this work immediately at the beginning of the next session. The Parliament will continue further dynamic work on legislative support for the reforms initiated by the President. The focus of attention will be on laws aimed at forming a new model of the national economy, providing social guarantees to citizens and comprehensive support to entrepreneurs," Yerlan Koshanov said.

In conclusion, he thanked for the work of deputies and members of the government.

Members of Parliament leave for holidays.