Nauryz is a truly national holiday - President of Kazakhstan

Фото: Akorda 21.03.2023 11:58 435

Head of State Kassym-Jomart Tokayev took part in the festive event Nauryz on the square near the monument "25th Anniversary of Independence", El.kz reports with reference to the press service of Akorda.

"Since ancient times, our ancestors celebrated Nauryz - a holiday symbolizing the arrival of spring and the beginning of the new year. This is a wonderful time for the revival of nature and the restoration of vitality. For our people, the Nauryz holiday has always personified prosperity. People's hearts are  filled with kindness and mercy. Our ancestors considered Nauryz a holiday of labor and creation. On these spring days, they cleared springs and planted trees" the President said.     

The Head of State stressed that Nauryz embodies common values for the whole country.

"This holiday unites all our people. We celebrate it as one nation. Nauryz embodies the values common to the whole country. Therefore, Nauryz is truly a national holiday, " Kassym-Jomart Tokayev said.   

The President called the past elections to the Mazhilis and maslikhats a serious step in promoting all our reforms.

"These elections were a worthy continuation of large-scale changes. In other words, a new milestone in the political development of the country has begun. It is symbolic that this historic moment coincided with the celebration of Nauryz," Kassym-Jomart Tokayev said.            

The Head of State recalled that exactly one year he had come up with initiatives aimed at large-scale modernization of all spheres of life of our country.

"The people supported our proposals. During the year, we have successfully implemented everything planned. During the referendum, important amendments were made to the Constitution of the country. Serious political steps have been taken to update the system of power," he said.

The Head of State noted that today's appearance of New Kazakhstan fully corresponds to the spirit and character of the spring holiday.

The President stressed that, despite the differences in the views of our citizens, we all have common aspirations - the well-being of the people and the bright future of the state.

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