“It’s a ballad about life”: Dimash presents new music video ‘Omir’

“It’s a ballad about life”: Dimash presents new music video ‘Omir’
Фото: newtimes.kz 25.05.2023 09:25 1474

On 24 May, on his birthday, Dimash Qudaibergen presented a new musical composition ‘Omir’, which he dedicated to all his fans. The work tells the story of the singer’s life and creative path from the very beginning to his becoming an artist who is known today, El.kz cites dimashnews.com.

Omir’ is a deep and touching composition by Dimash Qudaibergen, in which the artist has an inner monologue with himself, picking up the pieces of his life and talking about it.

The music video, made in muted shades, was filmed in the MOOD VIDEO genre. 

While watching the clip, the viewers move to a small dark room with a projector, where together with Dimash they watch the brightest moments from his life: carefree childhood, music competitions, the cherished victory in “I am Singer”, his beloved Dears, acquaintances with interesting people and unforgettable concerts…

Watching all this footage, it’s as if Dimash relives every moment.

“Omir – It is a work whose melody and lyrics first emerged from my inner world. A piece of music on the occasion of my birthday. I dedicate it to all my listeners who encouraged me to stand against both the fierce waves on the water surface and the raging storm. This work is about my life.” – shared the artist. 

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