Bill "On Mass Media" discussed at public council

Ministry of Information and Social Development
Фото: Ministry of Information and Social Development 29.03.2023 09:52 135

A regular meeting of the public council in the field of information and social development was held, El.kz reports with reference to the press service of the Ministry of Information and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The main issue on the council's agenda was the discussion of the draft law "On Mass Media".

This  bill was discussed among the journalistic community. More than 50 amendments have been made to the bill concerning the status of journalists, reforming state funding of the media and information security.

In general, the draft law was supported by the members of the council, but at the same time proposals and comments were made on improving individual amendments.

Also, during the meeting, the members of the council discussed the draft work plan of the public council for 2023.

By the way, there are 4 commissions in the public council of Ministry: in the field of civil society, in the field of youth and family, in the field of information, in the field of public consent.

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