A.Boribayev: it is incumbent on me to introduce the glory of Kazakh music to the World

He is the conductor making our country famous around the world
03.05.2017 16:57 4403

Alan Boribayev is the conductor making our country famous around the world, the Honored Artist of Kazakhstan, the winner of many European contests. He conducted national symphony orchestras in many countries of the world. Akhmet Zhubanov’s grand-grandson has the following attitudes:

  • When you achieve one goal, you want to achieve new ones again and establish new tasks.
  • A conductor is a person who not just conducts the orchestra, but is responsible for encouraging soloists, a choir and a drama on stage.
  • As a performer I would like to be developed and audience to be developed as well with us.
  • If a conductor and an orchestra do not perform with true desire, the performance will become dead.
  • I change opinions with very talented composers every day, my environment is full of classic, and I am grateful for this.
  • Conducting teaches to be alone, but the power of music rescues me from loneliness.
  • A conductor should perform with full of heart.
  • In Kazakhstan I often hear “We did not know that we have such a theatre!”
  • A conductor is a teacher who teaches an orchestra, not musical instruments. 
  • Conducting an orchestra does not mean to perform synchronically in order not to be beforehand, but means that the orchestra is able to convey the meaning of the performance and impress audience.
  • It is incumbent on me to introduce the glory of Kazakh music to the World.
  • I always look forward to every concert, because it is a wonderful way to communicate with audience through music.
  • I try to perform Kazakh music wherever I am, even the Europeans like listening to our music.
  • I am very proud when people are interested in our culture and tell positive opinions.
  • When I am in London, Vienna, Denmark, Sweden, I imagine my father and mother, my bare feet childhood, my motherland and my grandfather. My destiny is Kazakhstan, my chosen job is playing the violin and I am from the Zhubanov dynasty.
  • Honestly, I do not want to have another life.
  • My aim is to make Kazakstani music famous around the world, to raise Kazakh composers and to glorify the land which reached me to this level.
  • My grandfather is Akhmet Zhubanov, my parents are not also far from music, and so I have devoted my life to music.
  • As I usually on tours and have limited timetable, for me the best holiday is with my family. I can relax only at home.
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