Repatriates Assembly

Abai Qunanbaiuli

02.02.2017 4523

To live cunning, deceiving, begging is the lot of inept crooks

Anyone who lives cringing is willing to sell his mother and father, family and friends, faith and conscience for the sake of the merciful pat on the back.

If you got the truth, do not deviate from it, even on pain of death.

High position is all the same that the high rock. Even a slow snake will creep on it and swift-winged hawk will soar up. Detractors begin to praise those who have not reached the top yet, but these gullible ones are glad to hear what they say.

Who poisoned Socrates, who burned Joan of Arc, who executed Gais, who buried our prophet in the remains of a camel? Crowd. Reckless crowd. Manage to send it to the right path.

Who has never been in trouble among us? Only weak ones lose hope. It is true that in the world there is nothing immutable, but then the evil will not last forever. Is it a blooming spring?

To live cunning, deceiving, begging is the lot of inept crooks.

What distinguishes us from the animals, if only we see with our eyes? As a child, we were better. Children ashamed, ready to sink into the ground, and adults do not know shame. Is ittheir advantage over children?

Judge the merits of the human by the way he started the business, and not by how he was able to complete it.

Discipline in deeds and thoughts is the foundation of well-being. Impotent rage, lovewithout fidelity and the teacher without student are useless and sterile.

A person should dress modestly, keep clothes clean and be neat. Spending on clothing more than it is allowed, burdening yourselves with too much care can only dandies.

What to say to someone who does not know the value of the word? As one wise man, better feed pigs, which recognizes you.

No matter how beautiful the thought is, going through human lips, it dims.

While you pursue happiness, good all you wish, but once you reach a goal, your well-wisher yourself.

As it turns out, that we are not talking about the dead badly, and among the living do not see any worthy?

The great thing -is to know the measure of everything. Anything beyond measure -is evil.

The vessel that holds intelligence and knowledge is a person's character. Educate your character!

Shame is human dignity that makes the inside to plead guilty and to make himself a punishment.

A bad friend is like a shadow when the sun over your head it will not get rid of, when the clouds are gathering, you will not find it.

One of the reasons of people's vicious addiction is idleness. When he had tilled the land, engaged in trade, how could he lead an idle life?

All beyond measure is evil. In eating and drinking, in laughter and fun in the hugs and kisses, in an effort to accumulate wealth, in agility and cunning, clothing - all over the measure must be present.