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Zhanseit Tuimebayev: Stability, peace and accord are impossible today without the main resource - the information

28.06.2019 828

 An extended meeting of the Club of Journalists of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan held in "Radisson" hotel in Nur-Sultan with the participation of Deputy Chairman - Head of APK’s Secretariat Zhanseit Tuimebayev, deputies of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, representatives of the Ministry of Information and Public Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan and other state bodies, members of the Assembly, heads of national and regional media, experts in the field of interethnic relations, scientific and creative intellectuals, bloggers and others.


Speakers of the meeting were the deputy of Mazhilis of the Parliament of RK Sauytbek Abdrakhmanov; Chairman of the Board "Republican newspaper "Egemen Qazaqstan" JSC. Darkhan Kydyrali; Director of El Arna JSC "Khabar Agency" Arman Seitmamyt; political scientist, public figure, blogger Aidos Sarym; editor-in-chief of the regional newspaper "Ogni Alatau" Atsalim Idigov; Director General "Kazinform" Askar Omarov; editor-in-chief "Kore Ilbo" Republican Korean newspaper Konstantin Kim.


Opening the meeting, Zhanseit Tuimebayev congratulated everybody on the upcoming professional holiday of Kazakhstani journalism - Day of Mass Media Workers and expressed gratitude to the representatives of the mass media for the active coverage of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, the issues of strengthening national unity and social accord.

Within the framework of the meeting, the tasks facing the journalistic community in the context of the execution of the Action Plan for the implementation of the pre-election program of the President "Succession. Justice. Progress" and strengthening of social unity of the society, as well as issues of providing assistance to Arys of Turkestan region.


"Today the theme is "Arys. Biz - Birgemiz!" became an "open issue" of our information agenda. APK has started to provide humanitarian aid to the victims and evacuees of Arys all over the country. The unity and solidarity of our people is reflected in this topic as in a drop of water. Only APK as of June 27, the total amount of assistance provided is more than 51 million 331 thousand tenge. Within the framework of the project "JAGSYLYQJASA" on June 26 by the republican youth movement APK "Zhangyru Zholy" the action on formation of volunteer groups for departure to Turkestan region was started. All this work is actively continued.


I would like to thank all the country's journalists, bloggers, activists who cover this topic from the standpoint of our unity. Since the beginning of the year, a total of 7,218 materials on the situation in the interethnic sphere have been recorded in the media. The balance at the republican and regional levels is observed. This is an indicator of the information power and potential of domestic journalism. The understanding of the policy of peace and harmony, which has been pursued by the First President of Kazakhstan, Elbasy, throughout all the years of independence, and continues to be pursued by the Head of State," deputy head of APK said.

According to Head of Secretariat, stability, peace and accord are impossible today without the main resource - the information that connects all of us into a single system, and the media act as the main adapter and guide here.


"It's appropriate to remember one saying - the media can't tell us what to think, they can tell us what to think about. Therefore, the media as a civil society institution has a special mission to shape public opinion. And also the education of a culture of peace and harmony, the strengthening of civic identity. At the same time, we should take into account the trends that have emerged in the modern information field.


First of all, we must reduce the level of trust in "traditional media". Among the experts, there are increasing opinions that the level of distrust in the media in the world exceeds the level of trust. In general, this is also characteristic of us. In the long run, this may create a threat of disrupting the communication between society and the authorities, as well as cause a lack of trust in the latter. Why is this happening? Of course, the Internet segment is actively developing. Unlike the "traditional media", it also works at the request of the consumer. But perhaps there is also our fault here. Representatives of state bodies, political parties and public associations sometimes distribute incomplete information due to various circumstances. This demonstrates the isolation from the daily life of the population. Therefore, each of us should take full responsibility for interacting with the media, showing the real world, talking and proposing solutions to issues that really concern the population. It is rational to consider the possibility of introducing a course on "political technology" on the basis of the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, special courses on the use of modern communications of the state and society.


Second, the manipulation of public consciousness with the use of methods of information-psychological influence. Social networks are actively used for this purpose. They are increasing their potential every year. They attract the population with their capabilities of direct inter-barrier horizontal communications. And this potential can be both positive and negative. Today, the head of state, all the first leaders personally lead the pages in social networks. And this is an undoubted plus. Direct dialogue, interactivity, efficiency, purposefulness and even extraterritoriality are ensured," Zhanseit Tuimebayev said.


At the end of the event, the ceremony of awarding journalists and experts who contributed to the information support of the state policy in the field of public consent and national unity, the activities of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan was held.

Dana Tugambekova

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