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25.01.2019 758

Tamila Rozmetova, Director General of Sarayshyk Breed Living Stock Farms LLP, told about innovations in the agricultural sector and development of rural business at the Self-made Youth Forum of APK’s Association of Entrepreneurs.

She noted that the family business of the Rozmetovs started with an apple orchard, which was begun by Fyodor Rozmetov's grandfather. After him, his father continued his family business and now she is involved in family business with her brothers.

"I'm a farmer, cheese maker, economist and state official at the same time. We have 150 thousand hectares of land on which there are 30 thousand Edilbayev sheep, Karakul sheep, 1000 cows and 1000 of my favorite goats. The most famous lemon grove’s project that my father promised to launch within a year. We have already launched it and received our first lemons," said Tamila Rozmetova.

One of the innovative projects, according to a young entrepreneur, which they started with the support of the state – a plant for breeding goats specially imported from Europe. The livestock provides useful goat milk, which replaces the mother's milk for many children.

"We participate in state programs where we give milk to children free of charge: to disabled people's homes, orphanages and shelters. We produce 15 types of dairy products. We export to Russia. The point of our plant is that we were able to implement all the innovative ideas that we managed to implement in reality with the help of our young programmers. For example, goats chiiping, even milking is automatic," said General Director of "Sarayshyk" LLP.

Thus, the employee puts a special milking machine on the udder of goats. The interaction is based on a sensor, each goat's chip is fully responsible for its condition. The veterinarian can see all the information in the computer: how many liters of milk the goat give, what pressure she has. As Tamila Rozmetova stressed, this has also made it easier for accountants to do their work, because the software automatically transmits all the data to economists.

"My hobby is cheese-making. I make up different cheese, I named one after Atyrau. Recently, together with APK’s Association of Entrepreneurs, we came up with a new cheese and named it "Zhastar". It was made in honor of the Year of Youth," said the entrepreneur.

She emphasized that Kazakhstan has all the conditions for business development, especially for young beginners. There are benefits and privileges. Besides, as the speaker noted, the President allocated grants at the opening of Year of Youth.

"There would be no business if there was no peace and consent in our country. This is what our Assembly is doing," assured Tamila Rozmetova.

She wished the young people to suggest their "positive ideas", to learn the laws, to study all the programs, because "they have everything to build their own business".

"In our speech to the President, we proposed opening an apple orchard in Astana. Our initiative was supported, yesterday the mayor of Astana contacted us and invited us to discuss the plan. Our youth movement succeeded. I believe that this is our first victory. In spring we should all gather and plant seedlings. We are sure, our agrarians will promote that in two years Astana citizens will try the first fruits of Astana apples. The President always sets us the task of being a professional and competitive citizen. I love my work, my economy, I put my heart and soul into it. This is one of the reasons why my business is so successful. Love your work, treat it with love, then it will smile and success will be ensured," the entrepreneur summed up.


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