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06.05.2019 2215

On the day of celebrating the holiday of Kazakhstan People’s Unity in the country on the calendar of charitable events of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan "Caravan of Mercy" started the action "Qamqor".

It is no coincidence that May is marked as "Qamqor" in the calendar of charity events of APK "Caravan of Mercy", which means care in Kazakh language.

The Charity Month is dedicated to May holidays and the care of the older generation, veterans of the Second World War.

The action of May in APK’s calendar is aimed at strengthening the youth's sense of patriotism, respect for war veterans, involvement in the state policy of peace and harmony, as well as the formation of spiritual and moral values.

The calendar of charitable events held under a single slogan "Meyirimdilikpen birlikke!" was developed on the basis of customs and traditions of the people of Kazakhstan. Each month of the calendar is called a certain rite and has its own direction in providing assistance.

Since the beginning of 2019, a wave of charitable events has taken place in all regions of the country. Months have already been held in Sarkyt, Sybaga, Shashu and Asar.

Interestingly, exactly one year ago, a major project of the Assembly "Sacred Heritage – Uly dala eli" was launched, consisting of three stages of actions: "Qamqor", "Tagzym" and "Sacred heritage – Uly dala eli”. The first of them, the one with the same name and the fifth charity month - "Qamqor" was launched on May 5, 2018 on the eve of the Great Victory Day.

Within the framework of the first action of the project on the republican Memorial mass grave of Akmola warriors who were killed during the Second World War, young people, deputies of the Mazhilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the leadership of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan held an event on improvement of the burial place.

The relay was taken up by regions, bringing the innovations and additions in carrying out of various actions.

In the course of the action the youth held cleaning days, meetings with veterans, rendered charitable assistance to home front workers, war veterans, staged theatrical performances, organized trips to museums and many other things.

Only for a month about 200 actions with attraction of almost 40 thousand people have been spent.

As noted by the leaders of "Zhangyru Zholy", the action "Qamqor" will be held not only on holidays and pre-holidays, but will operate on a permanent basis. It allows us to show attention and care for the older generation, our heroes, whose exploits we must preserve and pass on to future generations as a great heritage of our history. This is our duty and gratitude. After all, the future of war veterans who fought bravely during the war for our future becomes less and less from year to year.

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