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Lyazzat Kussainova: Assembly of people of Kazakhstan has all opportunities to build Astana’s image

13.12.2018 1192

Head of the Secretariat of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan of Astana Lyazzat Kussainova at the last online conference in L.N. ENU. Gumileva noted that the capital Assembly has all chances to become one of the criteria of Astana’s image.

"Our country, thanks to the pragmatism and far-sighted policy of Elbassy Nursultan Nazarbayev and the wisdom of our multi-ethnic people, continues to be a global center of peace and consent against the background of the difficult international situation. The experience of our state is in demand at the global level and serves as an example of a model of peaceful coexistence of representatives of more than a hundred ethnicities and 18 confessions. The recent article "Seven facets of the Great steppe" by President Nursultan Nazarbayev sets us the task to understand our origins and national history in all depth, which is relevant for every citizen of this country. Every nation is proud of its history and its impact on the development of neighbouring countries or the whole of humanity. In Kazakhstan there is a good reason for it and Head of state said it in his article," noted Head of Secretariat of the Assembly of Astana.

Lyazzat Kusainova emphasized that today Astana is the center of the dialogue of cultures and civilization, the center of the world confessional dialogue, the center of the vast Turkic world, which contains a rich palette of languages, cultures and traditions.

According to her, due to its capital status, the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan of Astana should occupy a special place among the regional assemblies, it should have all opportunities to be one of the criteria of Astana’s image.

"We are working on the development program of the capital Assembly as an exemplary standard for regional assemblies. This order was given by the Head of state at the last XXVI session of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan. We will make every effort to ensure that this order is fulfilled, executed with dignity" concluded Lyazzat Kussainova.


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