Repatriates Assembly


27.05.2019 2365

Maintaining peace and accord in Kazakhstan, ensuring equality of all citizens and creating opportunities for development are the main priorities of society. This was stated by Larisa Safonova, chairman of APK’s Council of Mediators in Zhambyl region.

"The decision of Elbasy about early elections became a moment of historical truth, becoming a dominant feature of a new era in the formation of our independence. Supreme power in Kazakhstan was transferred in a calm atmosphere in full accordance with the Constitution. We, as the residents of the united Kazakhstan, overnight began to lay great hopes on the fact that our country will continue to actively attract foreign investment, actively participate in the work to ensure the security of the state, both external and internal. This includes the delimitation of our borders and the signing of agreements with all neighboring countries. Further development of the welfare of the people of Kazakhstan depends on peace in the home of all mankind," said Larisa Safonova.

"Candidates know the needs and aspirations of ordinary people. Preserving peace and accord in Kazakhstan, ensuring equality of all citizens before the law and creating opportunities to develop and raise their children in decent conditions - these are the priorities of our society. Today we should not stagnate, enterprises should develop, new jobs should be created, and salaries should grow," said Head of APK’s Council of Mediators in Zhambyl Region.

She stressed that the upcoming elections will undoubtedly be a new stage in the democratization of Kazakhstan's political system. "Our Elbasy, as a politician of the world scale, has once again demonstrated his wisdom, foresight and commitment to the progressive path of development. We are a united people of Kazakhstan. We are united by the common values of our sacred land: peace, welfare, prosperity, justice, equal opportunities for all," she said.

"My duty as a mediator is often a challenge for people. They complain about everyday and short-term problems, which are quite solvable and will be forgotten in the future. At such moments, I remember our recent historical past. We have been through the difficult trials of the 1990s, the complexity of the so-called "post-Soviet period" (...). Following the example of Elbasy, each of us should strive for God pleasing and noble deeds. Especially in our daily existence it is important to see the problems of our neighbor, to understand them, to help as much as possible. Only together and in unity will we be able to overcome difficulties and continue on our confident way to the future," the expert concluded.