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Formation of interethnic harmony among students

31.01.2018 455

Today, the state places special emphasis on young people. To do this, there are objective reasons, because young people - the most active part of the population, covering both the education system and the workplace, as well as youth organizations.

Within the framework of the outreach work, the instructor for work with youth of KGU "Youth Resource Center of the Department of Internal Policy of Petropavlovsk" Elmira Tanakulova, the deputy of the regional maslikhat Ekaterina Starostina, the chairman of the public association "North Kazakhstan Regional Belarusian Cultural Center "Radzima" Maria Tatarenko held a meeting with students of the "Peter and Paul College of Railway Transport" on the theme "Formation of interethnic harmony among students of youth".

The welcoming speech was made by the director of the college Mikhail Leonidovich Shatkovsky, thanking the speakers for the current topic and the importance of carrying out the information and explanatory activities.

Elmira Tanakulova told the students about destructive religious movements and their negative impact on the situation in the society.

Catherine Starostin in his speech reflected the main activities of the "Youth Resource Center", noted the active and perspective of today's youth, their desire for self-development and improvement.

Chairman of the Belarusian center Maria Tatarenko, in addition to the activities of the ethno-cultural association, spoke about the work of the North Kazakhstan Regional Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan and the communal state institution "Kogamdyk kelіsim". Revealing all directions of activity, Maria Petrovna especially emphasized the popularization of charitable culture in the region. Indeed, the APK of the region, one of its most important tasks, sees all possible assistance in the development of charity and philanthropy by carrying out large-scale and unique events of its kind that have no analogues. One of these is the Charity Ball, thanks to which the collection of financial resources for the payment of expensive treatment for seriously ill children is carried out. In addition, young people annually implement social projects within the framework of the "Public Initiative" competition.

Given the high importance of these events, their high target orientation, young people are more actively involved in their implementation every year, becoming the main stakeholders of all socially important projects and public initiatives.