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Contest of Kazakh epos experts was held in Atyrau

04.12.2019 599

As part of ‘Ruhani Zhangyru’ program, a contest of Kazakh epic poems among young people of other ethnic minorities was held in Atyrau in order to implement Kazaktanu project.

According to the organizers, the main goal of the contest is the revival of the forgotten Kazakh epic, promotion and popularization of creativity.

According to the terms of the first part of the competition, the participants completed their homework on writing an essay, in the second part of the competition they expressively read epic works.

Representatives of different ethnic minorities took part in the contest. Participants competed on expressive reading of episodes "Alpamys Batyr", "Qobylandy Batyr", "Er Targyn Batyr", and also demonstrated stage performances.

As a result, a pupil of secondary school No. 21 named after Zhambyl Zhabayev in Atyrau, a representative of Korean language Anita Lyan took first place, a pupil of secondary school named after Abay Kunanbayev of Makat district Мugaden Aripzhan won the second place. The second place was shared by a group of pupils of secondary school No. 4 named after Yuri Gagarin and a pupil of secondary school No. 16 of Zhylyoi district Dilyar Shafigullin. All winners were awarded diplomas and money prizes.