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Celebrating Korean New Year Seollal in Astana

06.02.2019 1151


Seollal is a traditional Korean holiday that is celebrated according to the lunar calendar and is the New Year by east tradition. There is no single date for the celebration, it is due to the lunar calendar, which changes in accordance with the phases. Seollal means turn of the year to spring and is connected to ancestor veneration.

This year Seollal is celebrated on February 5. Despite the cold weather, Korean Cultural Center in Astana was crowded with the people, who came to learn more about Korean culture.

Director of Korean Cultural Center Lee Heran told how Koreans celebrate the Lunar New Year in Korea.

“Seollal is Korean New Year, one of the great Korean folk holidays. It is snowing and very cold in Astana, there is no feeling of spring. However, Seollal marks the beginning of the New Year and coming of spring. People cook meals together with their families, wear traditional clothing “hanbok”, bow to their ancestors. They also play traditional games and have fun celebrating the New Year” Ms Lee Heran said.

Ms. Lee Heran noted the similarity of Seollal with Nauryz, as it is a family holiday. She emphasized that Korean Centre would like to celebrate this holiday with all who came to the center as one big family.

Cooking Korean candy "Dalgona"

An extensive program was prepared under Seollal celebration, everyone could try traditional clothes “hanbok” on, learn how to make a bow properly, make a badge, play traditional games "Jegi Chagi", "Yut Nori" and prepare Korean candy "Dalgona". Little dancers of "Mison" ensemble of Korean Ethnocultural Association in Astana also left a deep impression with their bright performance.

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