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Best of Busan

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Busan is a large port city with a population of about 3.5 million people. The city is located in the south-eastern part of South Korea.

Busan has a long history, but at the same time has an amazing number of skyscrapers and shopping centers. In the XXI century, traditional temples, amazing park complexes and modern skyscrapers get along in an interesting way. As a result, tourists can understand how different and flawless it can be.

The biggest hotspot and must-visit place in Busan are beaches. The famous one is Haeundae Beach. People come here on their vacation to swim and bathe, find peace and solitude and enjoy amazing views that Haeundae offers.

Haedong Yonggungsa Temple

Haedong Yonggungsa, the most beautiful temple of South Korea and an important architectural and cultural landmark, is located on the rocky coast. Many tourists from different countries visit the temple to enjoy the architectural beauty and scenic places.

The date of construction dates back to 1376. You can guess that Haedong Youngungsa has a long history. However, the temple was destroyed during the Japanese occupation. The restoration took place only in 1970, but the sights were restored in the smallest detail.

There are sculptures, a cave with a sanctuary and stone pagodas on the territory.

Religious festivals and other events are regularly held in the temple.

BIFF Square (Busan International Film Festival Square)

BIFF Square traditionally hosts all the most important city film festivals. The first event was held here in 1996, after that a new tradition for the world of cinema has appeared.

Main cinemas of Busan, Buyeong Theatre, sculptures dedicated to cinematography, stars alley, which is decorated with small handprints and autographs of famous people are located here as well.

Not surprisingly, BIFF Square attracts not only film artists, but also ordinary tourists who come there for delicious street food and shopping.

United Nations Memorial Cemetery and Peace Park

The memorial complex is a unique cemetery, where the UN soldiers from 11 countries, who died during the Korean War, were buried. The UN Command established the cemeterey in Busan in 1951. There is the Peace Park next to the UN Cemetery. The total area of two objects is 135 thousand square meters.

The visitors can watch the video at the center that gives background of the cemetery, there are also volunteers who share the stories about the people in the images.

Songdo Marine Cable Car

The first cable car in Korea was launched in 1964, however it was closed from 1988 to 2017. Today, Busan's residents and visitors can take the ride over the sea surface. The distance of the cable car is 1.62 km, the highest point is 86 m. There are 39 cars and 13 of them have transparent floors.

The cable car takes passengers from Songdo beach to Amnam Park. The ride guarantees stunning views of the beach, the Songdo Cloud Trails bridges and of course, the sea.

There is also Sky Harbor Observatory Platform, where you can enjoy the beautiful view of Songdo, capture the photos with the Little Prince and leave the message in the Moment Capsule.

Busan Tower

Busan Tower is a symbol of the magnificent port city of Busan. The tower's observation deck is made in the architectural style of the upper part of the Dabotap pagoda of Bulguksa Buddhist temple, Gyeongju.

From the observation deck at an altitude of 120 meters you can see the beautiful night view of Busan. The tower is considered to be one of the favorite places to visit among the residents and tourists.

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