Repatriates Assembly


26.04.2019 776

The House of Friendship of Atyrau hosted an evening dedicated to the work of the Tatar poet Gabdulla Tukay, organized by the Tatar-Bashkir ethnocultural association "Tatulyk".

Gabdulla Tukay lived only 27 years. His creative life lasted only eight years. In such a short life the poet left behind a huge number of works - more than 400 poems, 9 poems, about 350 stories, essays and memoirs, in addition, many fairy tales, pamphlets, feuillettones, essays became an integral part of the creative heritage of the writer. The main topic of the poet's works was the fate of the nation, culture and creation of an educated society.

During the event, a documentary film about the poet's life and work was shown and an exhibition-gallery was organized.

Students of Sunday school, studying the Tatar language, showed an excerpt from the poem "Shurale", written on the motives of Tatar folklore in 1907, also expressively read poems.

The literary evening was concluded by Tatulyk choir with songs in the Tatar language.

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