Repatriates Assembly


19.03.2019 1369

Astana Ormana LLP chaired by Amirzhan Alpeisov held a meeting of the Council of Public Consent of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan in Astana.

To date, the company employs more than 900 people, and the lack of staff turnover is an indicator that all the necessary conditions have been created for employees. As the managing director of Astana Ormany LLP Yusup Keligov noted, the company's staff is international and friendly. People are engaged in landscaping the capital. It is important to note that APK’s Council of Public Consent of Astana was established on the basis of this large enterprise a year ago, holding such frenzying meetings will continue during the year. 

During the meeting, Nur Otan Party’s Speaker Kenzhebulat Bapishev spoke in detail about the social priorities of Nur Otan Party program, voiced at the XVIII Congress of the Party.

Tatyana Glazunova, a representative of the Employment and Social Protection Department of Astana, explained the system of assignment of targeted social assistance and answered the questions of the participants.

In turn, the head of the Secretariat of the capital's APK Lyazzat Kussainova told about the work of local authorities to provide social support and implementation of new programs, which are aimed at improving the quality of life of Kazakhstan residents.  

Six councils of the public consent successfully operate at capital assembly of the people of Kazakhstan. This public structure is designed to keep a hand on the pulse of social well-being in the labor collectives, as well as to contribute to strengthening the interaction of trade union organizations and party cells in providing social guarantees of the state for workers.