Repatriates Assembly

APK’s members Visited Memorial Places in Karaganda Region

14.10.2019 580

KARAGANDA – Under the Year of Youth and "Rukhani Zhangyru" programme, the members of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan of Nur-Sultan visited memorial places of Karaganda region.

Kuanysh Ospanov, Deputy Director, "Qogamdyk Kelisim" MPI, Mayor’s Office, Karaganda region met the guests and showed the House of Friendship. "Karaganda region is one of the multi-profile regions of Kazakhstan, where representatives of more than 100 ethnic minorities live. Since 2015, the House of Friendship has been functioning. There are 23 ethno-cultural associations in the region," said Ospanov. Participants of excursion have examined offices of ethno-cultural associations and have made a photo on memory.

In turn, Lyazzat Kussainova, Head of capital’s Secretariat of APK, expressed gratitude to Karaganda residents for a warm welcome and handed over a memorable gift.

Then the guests visited Karlag, a labor camp in Dolinka, located in 45 km from Karaganda. The history of this notorious place was introduced by the museum guide.

After that, members of capital's APK went to Temirtau. They visited the historical and cultural center of the First President, got acquainted with Nursultan Nazarbayev's biography, the history of Kazakhstan's gaining independence and the creation of Kazakhstan's giant of heavy industry. The capital youth was presented extensive information on bright examples of work which have given an impulse to development of our country. The special attention is paid to education of youth in the spirit of patriotism.