State Counselor of Kazakhstan: Decree of President launches new electoral cycle

Yerlan Karin on the upcoming presidential elections
Фото: 22.09.2022 248

The State Counselor of the Republic of Kazakhstan believes that the initiative to hold presidential elections fully corresponds to the logic of political transformations of the past three years, reports with reference to the telegram channel Erlankarin.

"The Decree of the Head of State on the appointment of presidential elections for November 20 launched a new electoral cycle. The initiative to hold presidential elections fully corresponds to the logic of political transformations over the past three years. The constitutional reform consolidated a new, more balanced order of interaction between the branches of government. And in order to launch a new model, it is necessary to restart the entire political system, including such key institutions of the state as the President, Parliament, Government, Maslikhats," the State Counselor writes.

He noted that in expert and near-political circles, discussions about the upcoming election campaign have been conducted for a long time.

"A number of experts in the spring expressed the need for early elections. A distinctive feature of the current elections was the early announcement of the entire schedule of the upcoming election campaigns. The presidential elections were announced by Kassym-Jomart Tokayev almost a month before the signing of the relevant decree, whereas earlier all snap elections were actually announced on the day of signing the decree on the date of their holding. This time was enough not only for a broad public discussion of the upcoming campaign, but also for the preliminary preparation of potential participants. By law, elections are held within two months from the date of their appointment, but in fact the entire campaign will last three months. The unity of society, the stability of the state, the ability of the country to adequately respond to any internal and external challenges are ensured only in a balanced and stable political system. Therefore, against the background of increasing geostrategic turbulence, the upcoming presidential elections should become an important factor consolidating our country before a new stage of large-scale socio-economic reforms," he said.

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