Over 300 people receive keys to apartments due to Capital Day

Part of the apartments were implemented under the program for working youth.
Фото: Akimat of Nur-Sultan 05.07.2022 337

In Nur-Sultan, on the eve of the Day of the Capital, the keys to the apartments were handed over to more than 300 people on the waiting list and working youth, El.kz reports with reference to the press service of akimat.

Among the waiting lists are orphans, single-parent families, families raising children with special needs, large families, disabled people of groups 1 and 2, pensioners.

Some of the apartments were also sold under the program for working youth.

"On behalf of the Head of State, the volume of construction of affordable social housing has been increased in the capital. For example, if in 2018 1100 apartments were built, in 2019 - 2900 apartments, then in 2020 - 7000 apartments, in 2021 - about 10 000 apartments. The bar on the volume of construction must be maintained. For this, the entire construction industry is involved: both local factories and house-building plants," Deputy Akim Nurlan Nurkenov said.

The residential complex is located on Uly Dala Avenue, behind the Nura-Esil Canal and is part of the Jetisu Bigville. On the territory, in addition to residential areas, it is also planned to build a school, a development center, a trading house, etc. Work on the improvement of the area will also continue.