Kazakhstan takes 58th place in healthcare ranking

In the EAEU, Kazakhstan is in the first place
Фото: aprfd.kz 03.08.2022 229

Kazakhstan ranks 58th out of 96 countries in the Numbeo ranking in terms of health care, El.kz reports with reference to Finprom.kz.

In the first half of this year, Taiwan is the leader with an index of 86.04. The top three countries with the best health index also included South Korea and Japan: 83.04 and 80.52, respectively. Malta has the worst health index: 38.24. It is followed by Venezuela (39.15) and Bangladesh (41.74).

Among EAEU countries, Russia took 59th place with an index of 59.86, Armenia - 72nd with an index of 55.74, and Belarus is fifth from the end - on the 92nd place with an index of 46.14.

At the same time, as noted, in the first half of 2022, the volume of investments in health and social services in Kazakhstan amounted to a record 73.7 billion tenge - 15.2% more in monetary terms compared to the same period last year. Earlier, for the same period, the volume of investments in health care and social services amounted to 64.2 billion tenge in 2020 and 64 billion tenge in 2021.