400 billion tenge to allocate for sugar production in Kazakhstan

Bakhyt Sultanov said that all this time it was necessary to manually manage the process of sugar supplies
Фото: Kapital.kz 26.07.2022 303

About 400 billion tenge will be invested in sugar production. This was announced by Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Trade and Integration of the Republic of Kazakhstan Bakhyt Sultanov at a briefing in Central Communications Service, El.kz reports with reference to MIA Kazinform.

"About 400 billion tenge of investments in this industry are expected. In general, our task at the first stage is to increase the production of domestic sugar from domestic raw materials at least by seven times by 2026. And, of course, the key issue is pricing. Today, the price depends on the import of raw materials, since March the restriction of the Russian Federation led to a sharp halt in the supply of sugar. Factories, our traders and networks were forced to look for other suppliers, this led to some failures," Bakhyt Sultanov explained.

The minister added that all this time it was necessary to manually manage the supply process.

"In manual mode, all this time we managed the delivery process, and we included various tools, including logistics, transport and support for our suppliers where necessary. In general, the volume of supplies and the availability of this product on the market always exceed consumption in the country. But there are interruptions in supplies to the regions, redistribution among the regions. Therefore, we hold a video conference with local executive bodies twice a week in order to manually regulate these processes," Bakhyt Sultanov added.